New Construction Inspection Service

New construction home inspection might at first seem unnecessary. Everything was approved by the local building department inspectors, therefore everything should be okay with the house that I’m having built. Home inspections cost money, so I’m wasting my money by having a property inspection done on something that’s brand new. Right?

When inspecting new construction, a home inspector will often not find any issues with the house. Other times those inspecting new real estate will find quite a few items that need attention. We are all humans, mistakes can happen. We need to meet our deadlines, or sometimes a contractor deems something “good enough.” But these should not be an excuse; a person is making the biggest investment in their life when purchasing the home.

Furthermore, another reason to have a new construction home inspection is the advice that the buyer is getting from the home inspector. The home inspector will advise the buyer about the routine maintenance, talk about ways to improve some of the systems in the house that the builder is not required to do, and answer questions about the new systems in the house that the clients didn’t have in the previous home.

It’s a good idea to have a home inspection company take a look at the house, even if the house is a new construction. For additional details, please contact us at (720) 773-0964

Commercial Building Inspection Service

Boulder Commercial Building Inspection Service

House to Home Inspections of Colorado is the leading one-stop solution for commercial property inspections. We provide services for commercial property managers, owners, tenants, investors, and lenders. Our services are unmatched as we deliver results and reports by deploying “state of the art” technology rapidly and efficiently.

Commercial properties require an inspection team that knows exactly what to look for. There are many more variables to consider when inspecting a commercial property. This can be anything from the infrastructure of the commercial property to its size, which can be a lot bigger than a residential property. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need an inspection service that has the experience and the knowledge to accomplish this task.

At House to Home Colorado , our inspectors have the training, experience, and knowledge to perfectly inspect the commercial site. The commercial property can be of any kind such as an office building, warehouse, industrial facility, retail store, and shop. From top to bottom, our inspectors will thoroughly go over every aspect of the property to give you the most detailed and accurate report.

Roof Inspection Service

Your home’s roof is its first line of defense against storms and extreme weather, be it a foot or more of snow dropping from the sky overnight or high winds that tear through the town. When homeowners place blind faith in their roof and neglect it completely until the first sign of a leak appears in the ceiling, they could already be facing much larger problems—unwanted structural issues, mold growth, or damaged insulation, for starters. Spare yourself a headache down the road by having your roof professionally inspected House to Home Inspections of Colorado before you buy.